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2017 Spring Art Fest winners - May 13, 2017

Purchase Award – “Wonder Wheel at Coney Island” by Neil LeFebvre, oil on canvas;

Mayor’s Award – “Barnyard” by Danguole Bagdonaile, oil on canvas;

Blackstone Best in Show Award – “Erase” by Brenda Lyons, watercolor & graphite;

Reed Family Award – “Firebird” by Steven Strange, acrylic on canvas;

Wandy Award – “Entrance” by Layne, acrylic on canvas;

First Prize for Use of Color  – “Dogwood Tree in Forest #1 & #2” by Mary Guasta, acrylic on canvas;

First Prize in Composition – “The Concert” by Marilyn Pet, oil sticks on canvas;

Art League Award – “Cowboy Herding Cattle”, by Joe and Jean Della Rocco, pastels;

First Prize for Photography – “Burst of Color” by Veronica Lufbery, photograph;

First Prize for Originality – “The Chapel” by Dan Lyman Russell, watercolor;

First Prize for Unusual Medium – “Strata” by Bob Dorn, natural material mosaic;

First Prize for Pen & Ink Drawing – “Splash / Cover” by Felicia Brown, pen and ink;

First Prize for Creativity – “Imagine Her” by Donna Brown, acrylic on canvas;

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“Wonder Wheel at Coney Island”, oil on canvas,
artist Neil LeFebvre

“The Concert”,
oil sticks on canvas,
artist Marilyn Pet 

“Annex at 8 a.m. in the morning”, oil on canvas,
artist Ned Lomerson

natural materials,
artist Robert Dorn

“The Dragon”,
acrylic on canvas,
artist Steven Strange


2016 Spring Art Fest winners - May 9, 2015
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Purchase Award – Roberta Contois, “Untitled #78”, acrylic

Mayor’s Award – Frank Sisk, “The Boat”, pen and ink

Reed Family Award – Jane Bradley, “Maken’s Belmont House”, watercolor

Art League Award – Marilyn Pet, “Glory of a Tree”, oil stick

Art League Award – Jean Della Rocca, “Fishing in the Harbor”, oil

Discount Trophy Award for Originality – Dan Russell, “Terns”, watercolor

Art League Award for Design – Veronica Lufbery, “Point Reyes Lighthouse”, photograph

Art League Award for Use of Color – Mary Guesta, “Spring Flowers”, acrylic

Lifetime Achievement Award – Ms. Terrye Blackstone, special presentation from the CT General Assembly for outstanding dedication to the East Hartford Art League and all that it represents

New Member Art Award – Steve Strange, “Aranjuez”, oil

Blackstone Best in Show Award – Ned Lomerson, “Morning Mist in Maine”, oil




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